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What I really find intolerable are these articles everywhere that do not indicate the source. Such "study finds", "expert says" things. You can safely assume that it is a lie.

If I do not manage or intend to attack my own power structures, then I do not need to do so with others. Then you are a hypocrite or in the Secret Service.

This is the world you are fighting for? The world you want to preserve at all costs?
Not my world. Not my king. Not my president. Not my country. Not my people. Fuck you! Shame on you.

Why don’t you listen to me? „They Know What You Do“ from the „It Came From The Zone“ Comp. Suzy Q Records 2011

You see them in the movies and you see them in the News
They talk too you through papers and they sing a song for you
They log in as friends, and they come real close to you
Cause this are body snatchers and they come for your soul

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“What’s happening in our country,” the President said, “is not normal.”

If only that were true.

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