Funnily enough, Neil Sedaka wrote the song for Carole King.
She later became one of the most successful songwriters in the world and also had a respectable solo career. And she also recorded a cute response song to Neil's declaration of love.

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@reverend - This sound always remind me of a folder with 45 singles that my brother and I inherited from an uncle. Pat Boone, Roy Orbison, the Platters, Jerry Lee Lewis, Peggy Lee. There was also other stuff like John Coltrane and Danish blues - not a single record of Elvis now I think of it.

@katharsisdrill I love this music since childhood, don't know why. When I was a child, the 50s were already very long gone.
With Elvis you should not underestimate how hard and brutal it was at that time (even if today you rather think of "Love me tender"). Pat Boone fans have got from the Elvis rockers a punch in the face. ;).

@reverend - Yes, they were long gone for us too, so it was a strange world to enter. The uncle later, by influence of my abusive grandmother, changed from this early mainstream to hardcore communist and rejected any form of Capitalist entertainment, but he still gave us this weird treasure from somewhere in the more confused part of his youth. And yes, Evis was Heavy metal for his time.

@reverend - Yes, I suppose he is. A very pained individual also and these days going to pieces from anxiety. I haven't spoken to him since the invasion of Ukraine, but after the fall of the Soviet Union he also turned his back to Russian Capitalism and concentrated on his love of cars. Every year he drives his classic Skoda to Czechia and then to Ukraine where he has more friends than he has in Denmark... and look at that place now.

@katharsisdrill It really hurts me physically. I have so many friends in the east and they are all very lovely. shit world

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