Nocturnal improvisation - Reverend Elvis
Not a song, just a lesson to become secure on the fretboard and enjoy yourself

Charly Christian was the first electric guitarist of note
Interestingly, the first amplifiers were so small that there was practically always a distorted sound. Besides, he still, together with Benny Goodman (and others) turned swing into BeBop. BipBopBipdiplybop..

Die Mittelklasse erzählt sich ja gern Legenden über sich selber
ganz klar sind die da immer die Guten (das war schon vor Twi$$er so) aus einem bestimmten Grund muss man ja überdecken wie schäbig man die Arbeiterklasse behandelt und wie tief man im Arsch der Großbesitzer und der Eliten steckt (im Zweifel behauptet man einfach, dass es die alle gar

Unfortunately, I have a bit of a guitar fetish. The guitar hasn't been played in at least 40 years. I'm going to start with some jazz first so she can get used to it, after all this time. After all, that's what she was used to.

Markneukirchen - The center of German instrument making and one of its most beautiful daughters. I have a lovely old Otwin guitar (Otto Windisch) and I had it restored to a beautiful young lady at the place of its birth, which was 90 years ago.

Keep it primitive!
Short Tutorial for simple Blues patterns in the key of E Major.

Playing blues has a lot to do with feeling. You don't need to learn too difficult fingerings. In this video, only the simple, open E major chord is used. Use the pinky for some color and two hammer-ons to make it look complex. The rest is rhythm. Rhythm baby!

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