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Also has advantages when the record label is asleep. You only have to enter 2 zeros in the tax return. Time saved again. :(((
Hat auch Vorteile, wenn das Plattenlabel schläft. Man muss bei der Steuererklärung nur 2 Nullen eintragen. Wieder Zeit gespart.

@shellz_campbell sure i know many skins. by far the most are SHARPS which is only logical. they love soul and ska. the idiot density is not higher than in the rest of the population.

@shellz_campbell and yes its about a girl letting the snake in ;) have no idea what this means

@shellz_campbell such a amazing song. I was long DJ for the underground what a picture when 100 skins turn in circles

@katharsisdrill It really hurts me physically. I have so many friends in the east and they are all very lovely. shit world

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